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vSAN Backup Products Compatibility

vSAN is hyper-converged solution which provided by VMware to reduce implementation and maintenance costs of virtualization solutions. Currently, many companies and organizations using vSAN and SAN together to delivering storage space for services.

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[Review]: What’s vSAN ReadyNode?

vSAN ReadyNode are x86 servers, available from all the leading server vendors, that have been pre-configured, tested and certified for VMware Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Software. Each ReadyNodes is optimally configured for vSAN with the required amount of CPU, memory, network, I/O controllers and storage (SSDs, HDDs or flash devices).

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[Review]: VMware Virtual SAN (vSAN)

VMware Virtual SAN or vSAN is a software-defined storage or hyper-converged infrastructure and it’s fully integrated with VMware vSphere. vSAN create a software defined storage area from local storage devices or direct attached devices. vSAN supports vSphere features that the features needs shared storage such as HA and DRS. vSAN is also fully integrated with desktop solutions and any virtual machine will be provisioned and protected on vSAN.