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[Review]: Free SAN/Storage Performance Monitoring – STOR2RRD

STOR2RRD is a free and useful tools for SAN and storage performance and health monitoring. The tool is developed by XORUX. STOR2RRD supports wide range of SAN switches and SAN storage from most vendors.

The tool offers you end-to-end views of your storage environment including NAS and SAN and can save you significant money in operation monitoring and by predicting utilization bottlenecks in your virtualized environment.
You can also generate policy-based alerts, view overall health status of your systems, provide capacity reports and forecasting data.

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[Review]: LPAR2RRD – Free Performance Monitoring

LPAR2RRD is a free tool for performance monitoring on server environments. It’s support IBM Power Systems and VMware vSphere. LPAR2RRD can retrieve the platforms performance data without install any agent like VMware vCenter or HMC (Hardware Management Console).

Also there is an agent for extending data collecting and also the tool supports NMON files for collecting data from operating systems.


OpBot – Virtual Assistant For Your Virtual Datacenter

What’s OpBot? OpBot is a virtual assistant for VMware vSphere from Opvizor. OpBot is a full featured OpBot, that can manage VMware vSphere via natural chat commands from any device and any place. You can also connect OpBot with Opvzor Performance Analyzer, which unleashes amazing new remote troubleshooting and analysis...

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VMCalc – Calculate CPU Ready

CPU Ready As you may know, CPU ready is one of important metrics that you should consider them for deeper monitoring or troubleshooting performance issues on your machines. CPU Ready Time is: how long is your virtual machine is waiting in line to use the CPU on the host? There is...

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