Stor2rrd 7.10 Released

This is the favorite software for storage monitoring, I’m using it as storage monitoring for large-scale of storage devices. Now, Stor2rrd 7.10 has been released with some new features.

What’s New in Stor2rrd 7.10?

The below devices added to the long list of other devices that supporting by Stor2rrd for monitoring:

  • NetApp StorageGRID
  • HPE StoreOnce 4.x support

XorMon Support

XorMon is a merge of LPAR2RRD and STOR2RRD tools into one tool. That’s awesome, you will have all monitoring at one place.

Enhancements in Stor2rrd 7.10

  • New Storage overview reports:
    • Provide you single report for capacity and performance overview of the storage system:
      • Capacity is reported per pool
      • Performance part have 3 predefined time ranges (last day/week/month) with crucial metrics IOPS / Data throughput / Latency
  • performance part have 3 predefined time ranges (last day/week/month) with crucial metrics IOPS / Data throughput / Latency
  • Hitachi VSP: brand new capacity monitoring (Total/Pool/Tier): raw, spare, snapshots, replication usage … compression, deduplication
  • Hitachi VSP: write pending cache per MPU and MPV CPUs
  • HPE 3PAR: support for copy services monitoring
  • HPE Primera: support for new models
  • IBM DS8k: support for newer firmware
  • Synology: implemented CPU – GPU utilization
  • Huawei OceanStor/Dorado: fixed a capacity issue
  • IBM Storwize/FlashSystem: CPU graphs per core
  • HPE MSA, Lenovo S/DS Series: Implemented thin volume support
  • Storage devices with ssh-key-based authentication can now be accessed with password-based authentication too
  • Total Capacity graphs with all storage devices in a time
storage overview
Storage Overview
Capacity table2
Capacity Monitoring


You can download the tool via the below link:


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