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STOR2RRD 2.60, New Storage Systems and Enhancements


STOR2RRD is my favorite SAN monitoring software, why?! It can monitor whole SAN environment! STOR2RRD 2.60 has been released with supporting new storage systems and lot of enhancements. Let’s review changes in new version.

New Storage Systems and Enhancements

The below storage systems will be supported in new version:

Also new version came with the below enhancements:

Block Size, VNX Cache Stats and Heatmap Visualization are my favorite enhancements. Actually I need those enhancements.

Heatmap Visualization
Block Size
VNX Cache Stats

Block Size has been added to Pool and Volume. By Heatmap Visualization, you be able to find bottlenecks easily. Also VNX Cache Stats were needed by all VNX customers but it’s little bit late.

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