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[Review]: Veeam BR Validator Command-Line Tool

Introduction To Veeam BR Validator Command-Line Tool

Backup is a way to keep data safer in any environment but no one can guarantee that the backup file is healthy because there is some reason that backup file can be corrupted during backup or after backup such as storage failure or during backup copy on an external medium. As the backup file health is very important and sometimes administrators have to restore virtual machines after accidentally deletion, Veeam provides an utility to validating backup files after backup job is completed.

I hope, no one face with the below error:

All instances of storage metadata are corrupt
Because there is no way to restore the backup file. Read this post to find how administrators can prevent such issues.

Where Is The Validator Command-Line Tool?

The Veeam Backup Validator can be found in the installation folder for Veeam Backup & Replication.

Validator Command-Line – Syntax

Note: Some command line options shown below are only available in v8 and v9. Previous versions had reduced functionality.

Veeam.Backup.Validator.exe /backup:backupname|backupid [/vmname:vmname]
    [/point:pointid] [/date:pointdate] [/time:pointtime] [/silence]
    [/skip] [/report:reportpath [/format:xml|html]]
Veeam.Backup.Validator.exe /file:backupfile{1..*} [/vmname:vmname] [/silence] [/skip]
    [/report:reportpath [/format:xml|html]]

Validator Command-Line  – Parameters

/?       – Displays help
/backup  – Specifies backup name or backup ID
/vmname  – Specifies one or more VM names (empty value for all VMs)
/point   – Specifies restore point ID
/date    – Specifies restore point date
/time    – Specifies restore point time
/silence – Enables silence output mode
/skip    – Skips specified VMs
/report  – Generates HTML report at the specified path
/file    – Specifies one or more backup files (VBM, VBK, VIB, VLB)
/format  – Specified report format (HTML, XML)

Validator Command-Line – Examples

Here is some example for validating backup files by “Veeam BR Validator Command-Line Tool”:

         Veeam.Backup.Validator.exe /backup:”Backup Job 2″ /vmname:”VM1″ /date:”05.12.2012″ /time “16:00”


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