[Review]: Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle VM Server

Oracle VM is Oracle virtualization platform designed for x86 and SPARC architectures. Linux, Windows and Solaris can be run as virtual machine on this virtualization platform. In addition to solutions that are hypervisor-based, Oracle also offers virtualization built in to hardware and Oracle operating systems to deliver the most complete and optimized solution for your entire computing environment.

New Release – Oracle VM Server for SPARC

Oracle has released last Oracle VM Server for SPARC architecture, the new release has some new features and also including some fixes.

What’s New?

The ldmd/pm_enabled SMF Property Value Is Set to false by Default

Starting with the Oracle VM Server for SPARC maintenance update release, the Power Management (PM) feature is disabled by default on Oracle SPARC systems. You can enable this feature by changing the ldmd/pm_enabled SMF property value to true.

Although the ldmd/pm_enabled SMF property was introduced in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 3.5 release, be sure to install the Oracle VM Server for SPARC maintenance update if you want to set this property value to false.

To disable PM manually, run the following commands:

svccfg -s ldmd setprop ldmd/pm_enabled=false
svcadm refresh ldmd
svcadm restart ldmd

To enable PM manually, run the following commands:

svccfg -s ldmd setprop ldmd/pm_enabled=true
svcadm refresh ldmd
svcadm restart ldmd

Note that the ldmd/pm_enabled SMF property applies only to Oracle SPARC systems. The PM functionality remains enabled by default on Fujitsu SPARC systems and is controlled by the ldmd/fjpm_enabled SMF property.

New ldmd/fjpm_enabled SMF Property

Enables or disables Power Management (PM) at ldmd startup on Fujitsu SPARC systems. The default value is true, which means that PM is enabled.

The first time you set the property after installing the Oracle VM Server for SPARC maintenance update, specify the boolean data type to ensure that the ldmd/fjpm_enabled SMF property is added to the SMF manifest. For example, the following command disables PM on a Fujitsu SPARC system:

svccfg -s ldoms/ldmd setprop ldmd/fjpm_enabled=boolean: false

Resolved Problems

The following bugs have been fixed for the Oracle VM Server for SPARC software release:

Oracle VM Server for SPARC needs to avoid using stale variables/keys at start-of-day
ldmd crashes after failure to remove cores from a domain
ovmtcreate/diskio fails with an I/O error when trying to open an empty slice
Fix for 26235395 has broken effective LPS recalculation in delayed reconfig case
ldmd coredumps with existing ldom configuration on T5-2 from st_004
deleteboard with ratio mode may fail if there are multiple MBLOCKs in one DIMM
ovmtdeploy fails to deploy on two or more physical disks
spconfig does not save vlan id (vid) of unbound vnet objects
diskio needs to close file descriptors correctly on error
Command log write failure may cause deadlock on zeus_log_lock
Remove ldmd warnings when PM is disabled
DBGERR_{L,R} and DBGV_BLOCK macros not working as intended
Disable power management in ldmd by default

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