[Review]: HPE Service Pack For ProLiant 2018.03.0 (HPE SPP)

Davoud Teimouri

Davoud Teimouri is as a professional blogger, vExpert 2015/2016/2017/2018, VCA, MCITP. This blog is started with simple posts and now, it has large following readers.

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  1. Ben says:

    i really like this site!
    I have a “old” DL380 G7 and it seems like it haven`t got any updates since 2010.
    I think to get everything up to date i need some older SPPs than available on this site!?
    (restrictions on the hp homepage say only possible to update from SPP within a year or something like that and if i run the actual G7.1 is only finds 3 Thinks to update… i think this is maybe a little bit less…) So all the old SPP’s somewhere available without any need of account or contract with hp?

  2. reza says:

    خیلی ممنون بابت مطالبتون

  3. James Dawson says:

    Awesome Thank you very much

  4. Henk says:

    FYI the post-production links point to the ones from 2017.10. Is there a 2018.03 link for the Gen8’s?

  5. mac says:

    NEW: SPP2018060.2018_0618.64.iso

  6. Paul says:

    Hi Davoud,

    Do you have SPP for HP ProLiant Blade c3000 system (I have both G7 and G8 Blades)?

    Thank you!

  7. Peter Knights says:

    No longer available?

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