[Review]: HPE Advisory About ESXi – February 2018

HPE Advisory About ESX and ProLiant Servers

I want to share some new and updated advisories about ESXi and ProLiant servers with you. As HPE ProLiant servers are used by many IT administrators to providing computing resources for virtual environments.

First of all, there is new system ROM flash which release by HPE for ProLiant BL460c G10 servers to preventing security issues. The issue is critical and the servers ROM should be updated as soon as possible. The new ROM flash update Intel processor microcode.

This revision of the System ROM includes the latest revision of the Intel microcode which, in combination with operating system updates, provides mitigation for Variant 2 of the Side Channel Analysis vulnerability, also known as Spectre.  The revision of the microcode included in this System ROM addresses issues with more frequent reboots and unpredictable system behavior which impacted the previous Intel microcode which was part of the Spectre Variant 2 mitigation.

You can download the ROM flash from the below link:

System ROM Flash Binary – HPE ProLiant BL460c Gen10 (I41) Servers

Here is the installation instruction:

o update Firmware from UEFI shell: 

  1. Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
  2. Attach the media to the server.
  3. Boot to Embebded Shell.
  4. Type Map –r to get the assigned file system volume for the USB key.
  5. Change to the current directory to the one with the binary file using the CD command.
  6. Run “fwupdate –d BIOS -f <filename>.flash” to flash the ROM.  You can press the TAB key to complete the file name.

To update Firmware from System Utilities:

  1. Copy the binary file to a USB media or iLO virtual media.
  2. Attach the media to the server.
  3. In POST, press F9 to enter System Utilities and select Embedded Applications.
  4. Select “Firmware Update” and then “System ROM”.
  5. Choose “Select Firmware File”, and then select the device and the flash file.
  6. Select “Start Firmware Update” and allow running to completion.

To update Firmware from iLO Web UI:

  1. Copy the binary file to a USB media.
  2. Attach the media to your local work station.
  3. Using a Web Browser, proceed to the iLO Web UI using the iLO IP Address.
  4. Select “Firmware & OS Software tab”.
  5. Choose “Select Update Firmware”.
  6. Select Browse at Local Binary File.
  7. Select the Firmware file to be flashed.
  8. Select the Flash to begin update process and wait for the firmware flash complete message to display.

ESXi and Smart Array Storage Controller on G10 Servers

Another advisory is about ESXi and HPE Smart Array Storage Controller on G10 servers. The issue will cause of loss storage connection. Updating smartpqi driver will resolve the issue:

Please read the below HPE document for more information and download the driver:

Document ID: a00041660en_us


HPE RESTFul API Error – Unable to Communicate with iLO FW

I wrote a post about the issue but there is different instruction that provided by HPE to resolve the issue. The solution has been published on the below document ID:

Document ID: a00041654en_us

Please read the document about more information and also you can read my previous post:

[How To]: Resolve Post Error: 333-HPE RESTful API Error on HPE ProLiant Servers

ScratchConfig Problem on ESXi 6.0

Seems there is an issue about Scratch Location when ESX 6.0 has been configured with iSCSI. The issue is related HPE Emulex 10/20GbE IMA-plugin and driver. Please read the below advisory to find more information:

Document ID: a00041412en_us

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