Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta – Now Available

RHEL 6.9 Beta

RedHat announced RHEL 6.9 beta and it’s available for all customers. 

While prioritizing ongoing stability and security features for critical platform deployments, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta also supports the next generation of cloud-native applications through an updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 base image. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.9 Beta base image enables customers to migrate their existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 workloads into container-based applications – suitable for deployment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

What’s New?

Authentication and Interoperability

  1. SSSD now enables the administrator to select which domains from the AD forest can be contacted
  2. SSSD now enables selecting a list of PAM services that will not receive any environmental variables from pam_sss
  3. IdM servers can now be configured to require TLS 1.2 or better
  4. pam_faillock can be now configured with unlock_time=never


  1. Pacemaker now supports alert agents
  2. clufter is now fully supported

Compiler and Tools

  1. The Net:SSLeay Perl module now supports restricting of TLS version
  2. The IO::Socket::SSL Perl module now supports restricting of TLS version

Hardware Enablement

  1. cpuid is now available
  2. Support for RealTek RTS5250S SD4.0 Controllers


  1. The ksc driver updated to version 0.9.16-1
  2. The i40e driver updated to version 1.5.10
  3. The i40evf driver updated to version 1.5.10.
  4. The bnxt_en driver updated to the latest upstream version
  5. The ahci driver supports Marwell 88SE9230


  1. NetworkManager now supports manual DNS configuration with dns=none


  1. TLS 1.2 support added to all system components
  2. vsftpd now supports TLS 1.2
  3. auditd now supports incremental_async


  1. A new default configuration for Huawei XSG1 arrays has been added for device-mapper-multipath


  1. Improved Hyper-V storage driver performance
  2. Hyper-V clock source changed to use the TSC page

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