New Release, VMware Tools 11.0

VMware Tools is critical components for virtual guests in vSphere environments. VMware Tools includes drivers for virtualized devices and other components.

What’s New in VMware Tools 11.0?

First of all, you may know that VMware Tools 10.3.5 was final release for Linux, so there is no new thing for Linux.

Better integration with Microsoft Update Service. Updated drivers (pvscsi, vmxnet3 and vmci) will be made available through the same service for Windows Server 2016 and later when the driver publication process completes.

Upgraded compiler for VMware Tools drivers to Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.

VMware Tools is notarized for MacOS 10.14.5 starting with VMware Tools 11.0.0 release.

Added support for additional driver for AppDefense. This enables AppDefense guest module to be upgraded without reboot, thus keeping system protection intact. Added appInfo to publish information about running applications inside the guest.

Added capability for guest admin to control automatic upgrade and adding or removing features.

Added support for GDI Hardware Acceleration to the WDDM 1.1 driver.

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