[New Release]: PowerCLI 10.2.0

What’s New in PowerCLI 10.2.0

This year, VMworld comes with lot of new releases and updates on VMware products. At this year, they have released four releases of PowerCLI. PowerCLI is most popular automation tools, it was designed for vSphere but now, it’s supporting most VMware products.

PowerCLI 10.2.0 comes with the following updates:

  • Support for NSX-T 2.2
  • Deprecation of the PCloud module, so look for this module to be removed in the future
  • Update to Get-VIEvent to resolve the issue when receiving: Error in deserializing body of reply message for operation “RetrieveProperties”

For more information on changes made in VMware PowerCLI 10.2.0, including improvements, security enhancements, and deprecated features, see the VMware PowerCLI Change Log. For more information on specific product features, see the VMware PowerCLI 10.2.0 User’s Guide. For more information on specific cmdlets, see the VMware PowerCLI 10.2.0 Cmdlet Reference.

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