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You can take backup from your virtual machines by Nakivo Backup & Replication, we have talked about that before. We’ve reviewed some amazing features but now, I want to explain replication feature for you.

You can create your replicated VMs in few steps, that’s so easy.

Nakivo Backup & Replication needs some requirements and you need to provide these requirements in your infrastructure. This is very similar between backup and replication suites.

If you have experience about working with backup and replication software, you know that what should you provide for replication.

Replication Types 

There is two main type of replication:

  1. On-Site
  2. Off-Site

Source and destination are located in same site in On-Site replication and usually, you need to a real-time backup from your critical virtual machines.

When source and destination are located in different sites, you are replicating your machines as Off-Site replication.

Nakivo Backup & Replication can do both. There is no need to do many configuration on your backup suites.

Just you need to follow the below steps to create a replication job and your VMs will be accessible even you are faced with disaster.

Replication Job

Please follow the below steps to create a replication job.

Click on “Create” on main menu of your Nakivo Backup & Replication web administration:

Create Replication Job - Step 1

After that, you will face with “New Replication Job Wizard For VMware” dialog:

Create Replication Job - Step 2

You need to choose your source machine, select your machines simply.

Click on “Next” and go to next step.

Create Replication Job - Step 3

That’s the step that you need to specify your target infrastructure.

Select your target ESXi or vCenter server as “Container” then choose your datastore for storing replicated VM and after that, you should choose network label for your target machine.

There is some scenarios that you want to run your virtual machines with not same IP, please read my below post about Linux re-IP rule:

Veeam Backup & Replication – Re-IP Rule on Linux VM

Click “Next” and go to next step.

Create Replication Job - Step 4

It’s time to define schedule for your job.

You can define schedule for your replication jobs same as backup jobs.

Note: Periodically replication has more load on your source and target infrastructure.

After that, you need to specify some options for your jobs:

Create Replication Job - Step 5

That’s it. Click on “Finish” or “Finish & Run” and then drink coffee, Nakivo will keep your data and services safe in other site and inform you when the job is done.

It’s time to see the result. 

Nakivo will shows you the job progress in main window and you can see that what is happening.

Create Replication Job - Step 6

You can read more about replication on Nakivo Help Center.

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