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Nakivo Backup & Replication 6.x – Instant File Recovery

Sometimes, you need to restore some files (Instant File Recovery) that it’s stored on your virtual machine cause of file corruption or anything else. So you will look at your backup and you will try to restore your machine. The files will be restored but other files that you don’t need those restored!

All you configurations will be affected because you roll back machine to a different time.

So what’s solution?

Nakivo Backup & Replication has a feature for restoring guest files instead of restoring virtual machine files and disks.

The feature is “File Recovery” (Instant File Recovery) and you be able to recover your files instantly from any restore point which you want.

Just you need to a valid backup from your virtual machine.

Now, let’s review restore process with an example. I have created a Windows machine and I want show you that how you can restore your files from restore points.

At first step, I have created a folder on the test machine and also some text files within the folder. The text files are different in each restore point.

Restore Point #1:

Restore Point #2:

Restore Point #3:

I ran backup job after creating each text file and you can restore one file from first restore point but all three files are available in last restore point.

Restoring Individual Files

It’s so simple. Click on “Recover” on dashboard page in your Nakivo Backup & Replication and then click on “Individual Files”.

Then you will see “File Recovery Wizard” window, you should choose your machine and related restore point to recover files from that.

After choosing backup and restore point, click on “Next” button. Then Nakivo Backup & Replication will analyze restore point and let you to choose files, folders and drives to restore.

Because I have selected last restore point, you can see that all files are available in the folder to restore. You can see that there is a tree that shows all disks, partitions, folders and files and you be able to choose any object from them.

I have selected different restore points on the below screenshots:

As I said, it’s too simple. After choosing your files, click on “Download Selected” to download files as ZIP archive or click on “Forward Selected” and receive the files via e-mail.

If you want receive them by e-mail, you should configure it before.

I hope, this post help you to discover another feature of Nakivo Backup & Replication. I think, this feature help any administrator to keep critical services safer.

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