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Nakivo Backup & Replication – Command Line Interface – Part 1

Nakivo Backup & Replication is now one of favorite backup and replication suites for vSphere environments and many small businesses using it for keeping their data secure, preventing down time during DR and recover any file or object from their services which hosting by virtual machines.

I wrote some posts about Nakivo Backup & Replication and I suggest that read the previous posts, if you are not familiar with that:

Nakivo BR has many features and the features will be useful when you have an automation tools for doing management tasks easier and faster. hopefully, Nakivo BR has it essentially.

How can you access to CLI?

There is three ways that you can access to CLI and run your commands:

Using Command Line Interface Locally

To use the product’s command line interface (CLI) on the machine where NAKIVO Backup & Replication Director is installed, follow the steps below:

Using Command Line Interface Remotely

To use the product’s command line interface (CLI) from a remote machine, follow the steps below:

Example: To get a list of jobs of the product which is installed on the machine with the IP address, uses the 4443 port number for the Director Web HTTPS port, and has “admin” as login and password for the product’s web UI, run the following command: –job-list –host –port 4443 –username admin –password admin

Using Command Line Interface in Multi-Tenant Mode

Triggering an action inside tenant in the multi tenant mode via command line interface requires providing a tenant ID as an argument:

cli.bat –repository-detach [repo_id] –username [login] –password [password] –tenant [tenant-id]

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