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Nakivo Backup Replication 6.x – Screenshot Verification


Screenshot Verification is a feature to verify backup and replication jobs status. Nakivo Backup Replication can makes screenshot from booted OS when backup is recovered or sending screenshot via email as a report and proof when the jobs have been done.

The feature is an useful feature for administrators, they can configure it simply, run the job and wait to receive the screenshot.


Connect to your Director Web-UI and create a backup job (You can configure it for replication and recovery jobs too).

Select VMs to backup, choose backup repository, specify job schedule and then we should enable “Screenshot Verification” on “Specify job options” dialog:

When we choose “Enabled”, we’ll face with “Settings” pop-up:

  1. Target Container: We need to choose our target server for booting the VM.
  2. Target Datastore: The datastore that it’s connected to the “Target Container”.
  3. Verify not more than: Maximum amount of VMs that will be verified simultaneously. Increase this number to process more VMs at a time. Decrease this number to limit the load.
  4. Recovery time objective: Maximum time allowed to create temporary VM and start the guest OS. If the VM OS is not started within this time, verification of such VM will fail.
  5. Screenshot delay: We should define our VM’s OS boot time on this option.

The configuration has been done. Run your jobs and Nakivo will send the report to you and inform your about the result. You can forward the screenshot to your customer as a proof.

You can find more information on this link.

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