Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 Update 2

What’s New in Microsoft HPC Pack 2016 Update 2

Microsoft release new update for HPC Pack 2016 and the update includes new features and improvements. I wrote a post about Microsoft HPC Pack that you can read it on the below link:

Microsoft HPC Pack

HPC Pack allows you to create and manage HPC clusters consisting of dedicated on-premises Windows or Linux compute nodes, part-time servers, workstation computers, and dedicated or on-demand compute resources that are deployed in Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft HPC Pack supporting the below cluster modes in the latest version:

HPC Pack On-premises

  • Supports Windows and Linux compute nodes
  • Advanced job scheduling and resource management
  • Proved and scale-tested capabilities
  • Free of charge
  • Easy to extend to hybrid
HPC Pack On-premises

HPC Pack On-premises

HPC Pack Hybrid

  • Burst to cloud to handle peaks in demand or special projects
  • Automate the deployment of Windows and Linux Azure VMs
  • Use your current HPC scheduler or HPC Pack
  • Pay only for what you use
HPC Pack Hybrid

HPC Pack Hybrid

HPC Pack IaaS

  • Deploy a cluster all in the cloud, on demand
  • Use your current scheduler or HPC Pack
  • Readily shift existing applications to the cloud
  • Use templates, scripts, and gallery images to deploy on demand
HPC Pack IaaS

HPC Pack IaaS

This new update includes the below new key features:

  1. Mesos Framework Integration

  2. SOA common data for non-domain joined compute nodes

  3. Burst to Azure IaaS VM improvements

  4. View job/task history on node

  5. Fast Balanced Scheduling Mode

  6. Task to reboot compute node for Cluster admin

  7. Lizard updated

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