[Linux]: /etc/sysconfig/network – No Such File or Directory

/etc/sysconfig/network – Missing!

Sometimes, you did install Linux on a virtual machine that the virtual machine has no NIC, when installation has been completed, you will face with the below error during “ifdown”, “ifup” or restarting network services:

/etc/sysconfig/network: No such file or directory

This is the usual error, because operating system doesn’t detect any NIC during installation and “Networking” feature is disabled on server.


The networking should be enabled manually, run the below command on terminal:

# echo "NETWORKING=yes" >/etc/sysconfig/network

Rebooting machine is recommended after that change.

Davoud Teimouri

Davoud Teimouri is as a professional blogger, vExpert 2015/2016/2017/2018/2019, VCA, MCITP. This blog is started with simple posts and now, it has large following readers.

4 Responses

  1. user says:

    can’t create /etc/sysconfig/network: nonexistent directory

  2. user says:

    # echo “NETWORKING=yes” >/etc/sysconfig/network
    -sh: can’t create /etc/sysconfig/network: nonexistent directory

  3. Let me know, what’s your Linux distribution and its version as well.

  4. SamSmooth says:

    No need to restart the machine,
    just run

    service network restart

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