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Left and Right functions for string variables in C# .NET

I think VB.NET is an easy learning language and most functions are predefined, C#.NET is most powerful and faster than VB.NET, but we need to write some functions in C# for ourselves such as string functions.

C# has “substring” function under String class and we can simulate VB.NET Left and Right function by that.

Find the Owning process associated with each connection and port

 You can use Netstat, FindSTR and TaskList commands for finding the owning process.Example:You want to find that which process is listening on port 8080. So first, find all process that listening on port 8080: netstat -a -n -o | findstr 8080 >> Result.txt or this command-line: netstat -a -n -o >> Result.csv - Find PID of the process that using 8080 port.Then check PID with task list result: tasklist /FI "PID eq {Process ID}" 

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Left and Right functions for string variables in C# .NET

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