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Left and Right functions for string variables in C# .NET

I think VB.NET is an easy learning language and most functions are predefined, C#.NET is most powerful and faster than VB.NET, but we need to write some functions in C# for ourselves such as string functions.

C# has “substring” function under String class and we can simulate VB.NET Left and Right function by that.

Open Shared Folder By Different Credential

You can override stored credentials for shares in Windows via the Control Panel. I believe this should be possible since around Windows 2000, or at least XP. However, the names of these functions are different in all versions. I am using names from Windows 7 in this post. Open your account page in User Accounts and Family Safety. (Click your image in the start menu, or navigate through control panel). In the left hand side panel, select Manage your credentials. Under Windows Credentials: If the server in question has an entry, delete it. (Most likely it will not be present, if you haven't been here before). Select Add a Windows Credential. Enter the server (e.g. \\\myShare). Enter new desired credentials. Now, when navigating manually to \\\myShare, it will not use the old credentials any more.

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Left and Right functions for string variables in C# .NET

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