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HPE OneView 5.50 Warning: Overall security state of the system is at risk

You may use HPE OneView for monitoring your HPE infrastructure, if see this warning on your server health, follow this post.

Security Risk

What’s Warning on OneView?

According to HPE customer advisory (a00108195en_us), this warning is related to HPE ProLiant or Synergy compute modules in G10 generation when iLO reposrting the blow issues or something like them:

Overall security state of the system is at risk

What Should We Do?

Just relax, you can ignore the warning and ask your lazy administrator to upgrade appliance to new versions. Please consider that if you are using old version, you should upgrade one by one. There is no way upgrade to latest version directly.

This alert will no longer be displayed in OneView 5.50 (or later).

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