HPE Customized ESXi Image – September 2018

What’s New in HPE Customized ESXi Images

HPE has released the latest version of customized ESXi images with latest available patches and updated drivers at 27th September. The customized images are contains all needed drivers for certified devices and components.

The below version of customized images has been released:

  1. vSphere 6.7
  2. vSphere 6.5 U2
  3. vSphere 6 U3

Also HPE released two different images for new generations and older server generations:

  1. Supports Gen9 Servers and forward
  2. Pre-Gen9 custom image

Note: There is no vSphere 6.7 customized image for older generations such as Gen8 and others. vSphere 6.7 certified for Gen9 and forward. Read the support matrix on the below link:

VMware from HPE ProLiant Server Support Matrix

Where We Can Download The Customized Images

Actually, the customized images are available at VMware as OEM installation media. You can download the ISO files or bundle files from the below links:


ESXi Image for HPE ProLiant

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