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How to Find EMC Unity FC Port WWN

Knowing devices WWN is necessary to define aliases during zone creation in SAN environments on SAN switches, you need to storage FC ports WWN as targets in each zone. So where you can find device’s FC ports information?

Actually, there is two regular ways:

Find FC port WWN is too easy in GUI management tools such as EMC Unisphere and also there is some options to export WWN addresses to some formats like CSV or Excel file.

Here is an example of VNX’s FC ports WWN:

EMC VNX Unisphere – FC Ports WWN

What About EMC Unity

Same as VNX, Unisphere can show list of FC ports and WWN addresses for Unity storage system:

EMC Unity FC Ports WWN

You can see all FC ports status and information on the above page but I couldn’t find any export button, so if you have more than one Unity and you need to have all WWN addresses, how you can export WWN addresses as standard formats such as CSV and others?

UEMCLI (Unity command-line management tool) helps you on this regard, run the below command to find FC ports WWN:

uemcli -d -u local/user  /net/port/fc show -filter WWN

Change IP address with your storage IP address and user with your username as well.

The result might be like the below:

Find WWN via UEMCLI for EMC Unity Storage System

You can copy the WWN addresses as text and paste it to your zoning script or anywhere else.

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