CentOS 6.9 – New Release

After announcing new Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle Linux, now CentOS developer team has released new version of the distribution. Actually and as may you know, CentOS created from RHEL source codes same as Oracle Linux and usually new CentOS version will be released after RHEL version.

You can read release announcement on this link: Release Announcement

And find more information about the new release.

Also CentOS 6.9 is available for download as ISO files:

Download links (SHA256, signature, pkglist, mirror list): CentOS-6.9-x86_64-bin-DVD1.iso (3,788MB, torrent), CentOS-6.9-x86_64-LiveDVD.iso (1,930MB, torrent), CentOS-6.9-x86_64-minimal.iso (408MB, torrent), CentOS-6.9-x86_64-netinstall.iso (230MB, torrent).

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