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[Review]: vSphere 6.5 Update 2

vCenter 6.5 Update 2

Today, VMware has announced vSphere 6.5 U2 with lot of new features and fixes on components specially on ESXi and vCenter. vSphere 6.5 U2 has some new features that backported from vSphere 6.7 . VMware recommended upgrading vSphere 5.5 to vSphere 6, 6.5, so vSphere 6.5 U2 is good choice for upgrade virtual infrastructure with less impact, because many hardware that supporting vSphere 5.5, don’t compatible with vSphere 6.7 . Upgrading to vSphere 6.5 Update 2 from vSphere 5.5 requires a minimum version of vSphere 5.5 Update 3b prior to performing the upgrade.

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Supported Servers – vSphere 6.5

vSphere 6.5

Which server brand do you use? HPE, Dell, Fujitsu or any other. It doesn’t matter, you should check your server compatibility with new vSphere version before planning for migration or upgrade. I don’t want to share server list because the list will be different during time and new servers will be added to the list. […]

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VMware Hardware Version 13

vSphere 6.5

Each new version of vSphere includes some improvements and new features and many of them will be applied on virtual machines. The improvements and features will be add to “Hardware Version” and you be able to use those, if you use latest “Hardware Version”. It’s strongly recommended that don’t upgrade your hardware version to latest […]

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Deprecated and unsupported – Qlogic and Emulex devices

vSphere 6.5

VMware has published a list that includes unsupported and deprecated devices from two vendors: Emulex Qlogic Deprecated devices may still be worked and drivers will be installed but those devices are not supported on vSphere 6.5 officially. You need to upgrade your hardware before upgrading vSphere, but it’s your choice! Because your device may be […]

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Compatible VMware Products – vSphere 6.5

vSphere 6.5

vSphere 6.5 has been released and many of users are planning to upgrade their environments to new version. But we should check vSphere 6.5 compatibility with VMware products and even third-party products. We can check compatibility matrix on the below link: VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes But also you can find the products that those are […]

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vSphere 6.5 Configuration Maximums – Compare to Earlier Versions- Part 2

vSphere 6.5 Maximums

We’ve reviewed some of vSphere 6.5 configuration maximums in the previous post: https://www.teimouri.net/vsphere-6-5-configuration-maximums/ And we’ll review and compare the rest of configuration maximums in this post. Networking Maximums Item vSphere 5.5 vSphere 6.0 vSphere 6.5 vSphere Standard and Distributed Switch Total virtual network switch ports per host (VDS and VSS ports) 4096 4096 4096 Maximum […]

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vSphere 6.5 Configuration Maximums – Compare to Earlier Versions- Part 1

vSphere 6.5 Maximums

Each version of vSphere has some improvements and one of important improvements are configuration maximums that allows administrators to have much bigger virtual machines, hosting more virtual machines, use faster network and storage connections. This is very important that you should aware about your current configuration maximums because you can prepare your forecast plans for […]

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vSphere 6.5 GA – All Download Links

vSphere 6.5 Download Links

Updated: 11/20/2016 vSphere 6.5 has been introduced in October and now, vSphere 6.5 GA is available for download. You can read my previous blog post and discover new features and improvements: VMware vSphere 6.5 You can find all download links (vSphere 6.5 GA) on the below: ESXi 6.5 Free ESXi 6.5 vCenter Server (Windows/VCSA) 6.5 […]

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VMware vSphere 6.5

Today, VMware announces vSphere 6.5, the latest version of its industry-leading virtualization platform.  This new release of vSphere features a dramatically simplified experience, comprehensive built-in security, and a universal app platform for running any app. VMware introduced new features, improvements and new monitoring tools with this new release, you can find more detailed and useful […]

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