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ESXi Virtual Appliance

As you may know, you can install hypervisors on virtual machines for testing purpose. When you had installed ESXi on virtual machine, you did nesting virtualization. But think about installation process, any installation needs around 20 minutes and if you cloned a ESXi machine, it will be not worked properly on other virtual machine and […]

HP Integrated Lights-Out 3 (iLO 3) – ESXi VM’s Showing 100% CPU Usage While Host CPU is Low

If you have read HP or VMware documents about power management on ProLiant servers, both have suggested that configure power management to Static High Performance. I did it on all my ESXi servers and everything was good. But I have performance problem on some of G7 servers, I have checked all factors but I couldn’t […]

Memory Addressing Limits for ESXi 5.1.x and 5.5.x

The following table describes the Memory Addressing Limits for ESXi 5.1.x and ESXi 5.5.x:     Parameters ESXi Release 5.1.x 5.5.x Maximum Physical Address (MAXPA) 4 TiB 16 TiB Maximum DRAM Capacity (within MAXPA) [1] 2-TiB 4-TiB/6-TiB Maximum Physical Address for Non-Prefetchable PCI BAR 4 GiB [2] 4 GiB [2] Maximum Physical Address for Prefetchable […]

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