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Latest Linux Distributions Release & Update- 4th Week 2017

Linux Distribution

Latest Releases Let’s review latest Linux distributions releases and updates in this week till now. Talis 2.10 The Amnesic Incognito Live System (Tails) distribution is a Debian-based project which focuses on security and anonymity. Tails includes tools for removing meta data from files and routes Internet traffic through the Tor anonymizing network. The project’s latest release, […]

Fedora 24 – Big Step On The Road To The Next Generation Of Linux Distributions

Fedora 24 is released by community-supported Fedora Project today. It seems, the new release has many new features and improvements. Lets review some of new features in Fedora 24. Fedora 24 Workstation has release with GNOME 3.20, it has many improvements, better search, music control and others. Flatpak has been added to this release and it […]

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