New Release – Nakivo 6.2

New Release!

Finally, one month after beta release and introduce new awesome features, Nakivo 6.2 has been released with lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

Nakivo 6.2


New Features

  • Full support for AWS EC2 instances sold through AWS Marketplace: NAKIVO Backup & Replication v6.2 now provides a simple, reliable, and affordable way to back up paid AWS EC2 instances, sold through the AWS Marketplace.
  • Automated Transporter deployment in AWS Cloud: In order to back up EC2 instances in an AWS region, a Transporter should be deployed in that region. During backup job creation, v6.2 will now suggest and automatically deploy a new Transporter, if it’s not available in a particular region.
  • Automated Transporter Instance start and shutdown in AWS: To save costs, Transporter instances in AWS can be automatically powered off if there are no tasks for them. Once a task is available for a particular AWS Transporter, v6.2 will power it on for the duration of the task.
  • Improved display of alarms and notifications: Job and group dashboards now aggregate alarms and notifications in the Info widget for a cleaner and a more consistent look.


  • EC2 instances with Marketplace IDs are now supported for backup
  • EC2 Transporters can be set to run only when required
  • Added the ability to choose a volume type for Amazon EBS backup repository
  • Added the ability to choose a type for EC2 backup job temporary volumes
  • New Alarms view on dashboards
  • Added the amount of transferred data and speed per VM in job reports
  • Added target storage in job reports
  • System mailboxes removed from wizard for Exchange 2013/2016
  • Improved encryption for passwords stored inside product database

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed issue when replicas were connected to a network during screenshot verification
  • Fixed issue with product version update inside Windows Programs and Features
  • Fixed issue when ESXi hosts with the same management IP could not be added to inventory
  • Fixed issue when disks added to Transporter VM for Hot-Add were added to backup job
  • Job reports and dashboard charts now show the same data(rounding issues)
  • Fixed issue when Exchange 2016 OLR could not open Exchange database

Download new release from Nakivo download link: Download or update your current version via Nakivo web management interface.

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